What’s your why?

If you like to stay fit, you know very well how things need to hurt before it will get better. Everything in life is like this and it’s those that push through the pain and difficult moments that always come out on top. Think about athletes, entrepreneurs and other inspirational figures.

The best athletes are those who can cope with pain the most. They persevere because Continue reading

Cyber weekend frenzy

I find “cyber weekend”, a term I only recently learned, such an interesting concept. It’s the weekend that combines Black Friday and following Cyber Monday at the end of November. Especially now I’m working in retail, I closely experience the effect it has as probably the biggest weekend of the year, and the total spending is still increasing every year.

There are two things that I find particularly interesting. Continue reading

The Revamp

It’s time to revamp my blog in its most simplest form – to get more writing done. There’s still little I enjoy and indulge in more than reading and thinking. The real excitement though lies not in capturing knowledge, but in processing and acting up on it. Discussions light me up and similarly writing is hard, but so fulfilling.

Last years my blogging has decayed for various of reasons. I am now simply focussing on getting more writing done. This means I’ll be writing on whatever topic and in whatever form or length.

This blog is a fresh start.

Join me in my path from overthinking to overwriting, because

“Everything worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.”